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Martina Nowak

Welcome! My name is Martina Nowak and I am an illustrator for specialist books and editorial. According to your wishes I create semi-realistic, handmade graphics of nature, animals, marine life, landscape and geology.

Full scenes of biosphere made with watercolor are a speciality of my work so as decorative animal subjects made with ink. The infographics are digitally finished according to the target medium.

I'm very pleased to hear from you per Email or phone call +49 7192 8099970.
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How comes an illustration into life?


The briefing defines the kind and style of the illustration, the target customers, planed usage and time plan. More points of interest are for example existing ideas of outworking and color feel, hints on competitors in your branche and also the exact requirements for reproduction.

Investigation and idea

Next step is an extensive phase of investigation. I catch impressions and background informations on site e.g. in the zoo, specialised literature, my own photo stock or of course the word wide web, draft ideas, proof and discard them just to the moment where one to three high quality concepts left over. This very intensive phase can take several hours up to days.


Based on the small drafts I develop a sketch that will show the composition, the caracter and the colour tone. You will receive this sketch for release. In this phase you could adjust details with your art editor or define change requests, which might be exactly constituted in a further sketch.

Final artwork

After your release of the sketch I'll do the final artwork. Now the illustration will be created in the ordered style based on the sketch. After finishing the artwork, more corrections and changements are only possible with a high invest, what emphasizes the importance of the sketch phase. When you accept the final artwork I deliver the illustration in the agreed manner.


Britische Inseln
Naturgenuss auf den Britischen Inseln

From Dover to Stornoway: A travel diary with more than 140 photos and illustrations. Available as ebook and paperback in german language.


Four short stories about the dragons of the world from Daniela Mattes. Available in german language.

Island zu Fuß
Ísland zu Fuß

Travel diary of my trekking tour through Iceland with numerous photographies. Available as ebook and paperback in german language.

Im Reich des goldenen Adlers
Im Reich des goldenen Adlers

German adventure book for 8-12 year old children with creative surprise!



Martina Nowak

Martina Nowak is Bachelor of Media Engineering and lives with her husband in the heart of the Swabian Forest, Germany. She's interested in nature and especially aquaria and riding.

Illustratorin Martina Nowak
Special Work Fields

Handmade animal illustrations in semi-realistic or decorative style as well as plants, nature and ecosystem are the services for science magazines, publishers and licensing.


During the creative process both digital and traditional techniques are used. Ink feather and watercolor brush bring artworks to life, which have been often conceptualized with the add of the computer. The digitalized originals become their polish with Adobe Photoshop.



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